Download the files

This grid is available as a full package containing all the need files to compile. It is made in Sass, but a precompiled css is included in the pub/css folder. To use it, copy to your project link it in your page and be happy:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/css/grade.css">

Download “Grade” Github repo

Using the source code

NPM: node package manager

If you don’t have node installed, download it from the site, or use a package manager of your choice.


It is a task manager. More info at Gulp’s site. To install it in your system run:

  $ (sudo) npm install -g gulp

To run the task in the gulpfile.js, run:

  $ gulp


In order to install and run, check if all dependencies are satisfied. If it is, run the following in a terminal:

  $ npm install
  $ bower install